Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today, I want to share with you an artist that I really admire.

Mae Chevrette.

I just recently came across her work, and have been addicted to it ever since. I think you'll see why!

I aspire to one day own an original piece of artwork from her. These are a few of my favorites!

She uses a mixture of her own photography and other mixed media. She describes her work:

"My work is a combination of colors, words, photographs and collage, creating one of a kind, contemporary mixed media pieces that are colorful, vibrant and expressive."

As you can see, it's hard for me to narrow down the ones I like the best. Check out her entire shop here.

She also has a really wonderful blog, which you can see by clicking here!

We're all inspired by hundreds of things in our lives, both big and small. Looking at the brilliance of artists like Mae makes me long for paint-spattered walls, brick-walled studios, sunlit windows, the smell of coffee and creativity - (if creativity had a smell, it'd probably BE coffee) - all that to say, I feel inspired by the things God has allowed us to put forth by bestowing upon us a taste of His own creativity. It's pretty amazing.

Thanks Mae!

In love,


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  1. I can see why you love her art. I could see you doing something similar, but love that you are so creative and original...