Wednesday, November 28, 2012

our friends

We're kind of surrounded by these crazies that we've come to really love and enjoy.
Without their encouragement, laughter, invitations, parties, crazy ideas and adventures I don't know if we'd have made it a week here in Lynchburg.

November held two particularly fantastic shows of craziness that I will always hold pretty dear to my heart.

On November 1st, we had a really fun post-Halloween Murder Mystery party!

There are a few really important reasons why this was hilarious.
First of all, I planned the whole thing, which meant that it was a little disorganized and kind of confusing at times. I also didn't read any of the other character's descriptions, the evidence pages, or any other detailed pages because I didn't want to know any spoilers! I wanted to play along with everyone else.
I only read the hostess pages, and my own character's description. Everything else was a total surprise.
Because of that, I wasn't really able to double check the content. Meaning, the inclusion of a plethora of inappropriate content.
Which ended up mostly landing on my character.
Eh, well. No regrets!
(Although the same can't be said for Molly Ringworm, my devilish alter ego).

At Murder High's 25 year reunion, NO ONE could have guessed the horrific events that were going to ensue.
(Although the title of the school may have given the smart noggin's a clue).


Randy Reporter, Molly Ringworm, Pamela Abdul, Cindy Crawfish, and Natalie Nebraska

Nick Nixon, Joe Nebraska, Steve Spielson, Byron P. Keaton, and Danny Drums

Embracing the full force of the 80's, we had handy high school snack foods and lots of intrigue.

The night started out innocent enough...

Nick Nixon, welcoming everyone to the reunion.
Byron being Byron.

The happy couple....OR ARE THEY!?
So many smiles, so many lies.

Byron had a plan to woo his high school love. Maybe his wealth could lend him a hand...
 The night was cut short when the lights went out, a loud THUD sounded, and...


 A body slumped unceremoniously to the floor, causing instant mayhem and panic.

 The investigation had begun!
 ...whodunnit? Whodunnit?

You've got NOTHING on me.

When the investigation had come to a close, and the evidence was collected and presented, there was only one possible conclusion.

(Josh also got to play Terry Johnson, the investigator, since his character was dead and all...)


Trying to protect my budding career with Disney, I killed Steve Spielson with my Emmy to prevent him from spilling the beans on the film project we worked on together early in both of our careers.
Let's just say, Disney would not have approved.

Let's hear it for our dashing pretenders!

Josh and Stephanie as Steve Spielson and Pamela Abdul!
Dusty and I as Molly Ringworm and Byron P. Keaton!
Colin and Victoria as Joe and Natalie Nebraska!

Emilie and Jon as Randy Reporter and Nick Nixon!

Allison and Greg as Cindy Crawfish and Danny Drums!

 Despite the dastardly deeds of the day, I still got to go home with this fetching fellow.


The next week, we had our 2nd annual Friends party.

We had one last year, which I didn't actually blog about.

Basically, we all dressed up as our favorite character, and we each chose our favorite episode.
We had Friendsy food and talked about why we chose our character/episode, and watched the episodes together! It was so much fun!

This year, Allison hosted again, and went all out.

The theme was definitely vibing "Cups and Ice" from season 5!

Phoebe even had her special cup hat :)

Ross's dinosaurs
Meatball subs, for Joey!
And, of course, cheesecake.
Ross brought tator tots!
This time, we each had our own character, but we deviated from the original six.
We were a mod-podge of hilarity, I must say.

I ended up being the only girl to play a guy, (I was Ross), which meant I was the only ugly-looking one.
I say that because Dusty couldn't even look me in the eye before I left. I think it still really disturbs him.

So, just...prepare yourself, and try not to judge me.
I'll show you Allison first, since she looked like a hot mama!
Introducing Janice:

Oh. My. Gaawwwdd!
And Ross.

I put so much gel in my hair.
And I also darkened my eyebrows.
Overall, I looked like a very scary lesbian woman. 

Janice, Rachel, Ross, Monica, and Phoebe

 (We were also supposed to have lovely "Estelle", but she ended up not being able to come! She was very missed!)

Monica and Ross, brother and sister!
 Rachel and Ross, their love will never die...

 Although maybe it should, in this case.

We had a blast, playing our favorite episodes and then passing the guitar around and playing our favorite Phoebe songs!

This is why I love our friends.
We dress up, we make fools of ourselves, we laugh a lot, we have lots of silly parties, and we always have the best time together.

Thanks for being awesome, guys. And for being such good sports.

And for letting all this craziness continue.

In love,