Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Me in TV: Lily

Have you ever had a TV show or character that just...defines you?
Or rather, what you want to be you.

Every once in a while, there will be a character that I see on TV or in a movie that will perfectly embody how I'd want my style to be, if I could pick anything.
Because for them, cost isn't an issue. They don't even have to go shopping, they have all of their outfits carefully chosen and put together for them. Then they show up, have their hair and makeup done, and voila. They're an adorable new icon for susceptible girls like me all over the world.

One of my favorite examples of this is Lily Aldrin, from How I Met Your Mother.

She is just so darn cute.
In the beginning of the show, she's portrayed as this fiery redhead with a great taste in fashion and a sweet, mushy love for her long-time boyfriend, Marshall.

She had a flare for the gothic in her college years, and goes on to dye her hair dark brown later on.
But through it all, she looks fabulous.

I love her use of bright colors and bold patterns!
Lily is an artist and a teacher, so her taste in color and accessories definitely stem from that.
Her style is sweet and feminine, with adorable details, even though her character can definitely be feisty at times.

I want this shirt.

Possibly my favorite detail about Lily Aldrin is that she's a shopaholic.

She's a kindergarten teacher, and at one point, her friend Robin confronts her about all of her expensive clothes. How can she afford them on a teacher's salary?
It's only then that we finally see Lily's "Box of Shame".
She pours out a box full of credit cards, piling them onto the coffee table.

Robin: Lily, this is nuts! How many credit cards do you have?
Lily: [whining] I don't know!
Robin: Well, how much do you owe?
Lily: I don't know!

While most TV character's brand-name, expensive clothes are unexplained, Lily has a definite flaw.
A shopping flaw.

Well, I for one have benefited from her shopaholic ways!
I love going back through the seasons to gather inspiration from my favorite outfits of hers.
If I'm being really honest, I'll admit that I've totally bought items just because they resemble things she has worn.
Which I think is really a sub-purpose of television style. Or maybe it's just a purpose.
Either way, I love being inspired by characters that I love.

I recently bought this adorable top from Ruche because it so closely resembled a top worn by another How I Met Your Mother character, Victoria.

Who are your style icons?
Is there a character that you wish you had as your best friend, so you could raid her closet, go shopping with her and share fashion tips?

I think Lily Aldrin and I would be kindred spirits, life-long friends.
But maybe that's just because I watched Anne of Green Gables last night and I'm feeling sentimental.

Until next time :)


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