Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the super bowl!

It's kind of crazy to think that this is our second Super Bowl here in Lynchburg, Virginia.

I clearly remember last year's Super Bowl. It seemed like a new milestone for our friendships, one of the first big parties we had all together. I remember feeling nervous and excited to go, holding Dusty's hand and saying, "I'm so glad we have friends here!!"

Super Bowl Sunday, 2012.
It was one of the first of many get-togethers with these folks.
This picture is hanging up in our upstairs hallway, along with pictures from our St. Patrick's Day party, and our trip to Washington D.C.

This year, we had our Super Bowl party over at Greg and Allison's place!
Once again, I had no idea who was playing. But I asked Dusty what colors to wear, and settled for wearing purple pants and a top with a kitten singing into a microphone for good measure.
Go Ravens! My enthusiasm obviously helped them into victory.

It was a great night. We ate way too much (pizza bites, mini burgers, chips and salsa, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts which were holy-moley delicious, hot wings...) and had both awwww and ewwww reactions to the various Super Bowl commercials.
For most of the night I'd wander into the kitchen for more snacks during game time, and resume my seat in the living room for the commercials. Classic.

It was a really great night! Lots of laughter and intrigue, what with the stadium black-out (is Beyonce involved with the Illuminati?) and the surprisingly exciting game.
We laughed at the plethora of memes that seemed to pop up within seconds of the black-out. We all complained of full stomachs. But we ate more anyway.

We cried a little at the Budweiser commercial with the faithful Clydesdale. We vomited a little when we saw the hairy lip of a red-cheeked nerd slobbering all over the face of a desperate-for-money blonde chick.
But most of all, we enjoyed each other's company.

You can't really beat candid shots.
And this one is begging to be captioned.

 Our friends!

Once we started doing Beyonce impressions, the camera needed to stop.
While I cannot and will not show some more intensely Beyonce-ish pictures, they definitely had us laughing ourselves to death.

Another great night in Lynchburg. :)

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, and even Spring Break is sneaking its way over here!
I wonder what the rest of the this semester will hold? :)

In love,

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