Saturday, September 17, 2011


This has been my first week of work.

Everybody say it with me, hooraayy!!

My short-lived fantasy of sleeping in, being crafty, cleaning house, lounging around in my pj's, watching movies all day, meeting friends for coffee in the middle of the day, in the middle of the long gone now, and I am a working woman. Nay, I am a LENDER! For the interlibrary loan department at liberty university! And I am proud.

This week has gone really well. It's without a doubt the most chill job I've ever had. There are three of us in the office, plus one student worker, and it's just a really nice, quiet environment. There's a lot of down time, and I'm surrounded by books. I just opened my interlibrary loan account, so I will be receiving all kinds of memoirs, fiction novels and best-seller list books in the next few weeks! The world is at my fingertips!

I have my own desk, and a giant corkboard behind me that is still undecorated. That is one of my tasks this weekend...gather things to decorate. It will be bright, crazy, colorful, and all over the place.

Dusty and I have decided to take the shuttle to school/work every morning, because the parking pass for Liberty is really expensive, and doesn't seem worth the hassle. The shuttle comes to our apartment complex at 7:15 (when Dusty goes) and 8:15 (when I go). And it brings us back at 5:30. It's worked out well! (Except that first time when I couldn't find my shuttle drop-off and had to run across campus to the law building, but who cares about that?)

In the meantime, I have been learning about wifehood. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, multi-tasking, being supportive, being sacrificial, finding ways to get plugged in with other women that know what they're doing...and this week has been a good milestone for me. I've been trying to get up really early every morning. My shuttle leaves at 8:15, and my goal by the end of the month is to get up at 6:00am every morning. I'll have time for my quiet time, working out, making breakfast for Dusty before he gets up at 6:40-ish, and making our pack lunches. My time right now is of course, I scrap the working out part :)

I also went to a prayer group this past Thursday with two other law wives. It was really nice. We talked for almost two hours, about our lives and struggles and triumphs, and spent the last part in prayer together. It's going to be a weekly thing, and I'm so excited about it!

And, according to Dusty, I made the best meal I've ever made this week. It was so good, I made it twice. Take a look at these babies!

The first time I made them, I didn't use red bell pepper. But it's basically chicken breasts, stuffed with cream cheese, fresh jalapeno (with some slices to put on top), red bell pepper, and cheddar cheese. :) then I season it with garlic powder and Tony's creole seasoning. I gotta say, I was pretty proud of these guys! My self invented recipe. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

We also had some more food adventures this week. We went to Bojangle's, a southern chicken and biscuits fast-food joint. It was so good! They had yummy sweet tea. It had me singin' "Mr. Bojangle's" all day long. Dusty thought I was making it up.

I also finally got around to decorating our downstairs guest bathroom!! It's actually more of Luna's bathroom now...(we have her litter box and food in there), but I keep it nice and clean and wanted to put some of my own personal touches in there. The theme? Romance.

I really love how it all turned out. The small details and coral/pink colors of the towels and accents really add a lot to this small, under-the-stairs space.

I'm so glad it's the weekend now. And it's cold outside! I went to the farmer's market again this morning (did you know that homemade jam sometimes has mold along the top layer, if it's made from dark berries? It's not harmful mold, it's simply from the yeast in the berries, and...etc. yeah. Now you're informed like me, haha! And I got free biscuits for asking, too!)

Sigh. Such a lovely day to relax, chill out,
do some crafty things...Dusty is still sleeping, Luna is asleep behind my head
on the couch, and it still feels like early morning, with all the cloudiness
outside. I am a happy camper.

In love,



Meet Thunder. He is our resident stray cat! He is very friendly,
always comes up with us to our door (sometimes tries to come IN our front
door...) and he's an outgoing, all-around friendly guy.


  1. Oh Caitlin, even your food is pretty. We've gotta try your chicken when we come. Dusty was raving about it to me on the phone. I'm so glad you love your job. When you described it to me--Caitlin surrounded by books--I thought what a great place that would be for you to spend your three years. Keep lovin' life, sweetie. You are a bright spot in so many lives. Love you bunches.

  2. It sounds like it has been such an amazing week! wow! i am so happy that you found that prayer group, it is so nice to have the support of other women. I really need to find something like that here in riverside. I am so proud of you for meeting this huge move head on and making the best of it. i can already tell how much you have grown and learned from this experience and i am utterly encouraged, to say the least. I miss you!!
    also, that chicken looks amazing! Have you thought of toasting some kind of delicious bread and creating a spicy southwestern sauce and turning it into a sandwich. because, that sounds pretty good to me. maybe serve it with some seasoned or sweet potato fries.. awh man now i am hungry. The romance bathroom is pretty adorable. Totes adorbs for sure.
    I hope everything continues to be great! I love reading your blog. it makes me feel like i am still involved in your life!
    love you!

  3. Love this post! So glad you are enjoying work! Looks like your cork-board is going to need some Posie lovin'! I think your goal of waking up at 6 is incredible! Keep it up. If you manage to make that routine, you will love the morning time you have with Dusty (and your bible!). I've been trying to keep up with Chris's schedule, although we wake up at 5 am, which is hecka hard to stay in routine!!

    PS- Thunder is awesome. Give him a pet for me! hehe