Tuesday, September 6, 2011

indeed, i shall

This was wedding week for us.

Our two best friends from college got married over labor day weekend, and we made the grand trek across the country to Northern California to share in the joyous occasion!

Britany and Bryce became our go-to couple at school. We went on double dates, hung out, were in choir together, and shared some of the best memories of our entire college career. Britany and I roomed together junior year. We were in similiar situations in our relationships with our now-husbands, and shared a lot of advice and encouragement! We quickly realized we were kindred spirit in sarcasm, humor and general merriment. She was in our wedding, and over the years we shared many meaningful moments, jokes, late nights, and revelations.  All four of us continued to become very close, and when they asked Dusty and I to be in their wedding, it was easy to say YES!

It was a bitter-sweet vacation, knowing that this was the last for-sure event we had to look forward to during our time in Virginia...not to mention the last scheduled time we would be seeing our dear friends.

The future is blurry and uncertain, and we knew this trip to California may be the last for a very long time.

My side of the trip included a lot of girl time, errands, starbucks, bachelorette outtings, girl talk, setting up, decorating, and making tissue paper poofs!

It was wonderful to get to help out. We got out there late Wednesday night, and stayed until Sunday morning.

One of my favorite places we went was the salon that Brit got her hair done the day of the wedding. The owner is an artist, and wanted to make her salon a combination of her two passions. So it was also an art gallery! It was in the upstairs of an older building in downtown Auburn. It was chill and quiet, (and they played "coffee house" satellite radio the whole time, which was wonderful!) They allowed me to use one of the stations to do my own hair, while Brit and her other bridesmaid Jessica got their hair done. It was so relaxing!

Because I was doing my own hair, I had the time to run to Starbucks for the three of us. I of course LOVE Starbucks runs, and had them write "Bride" and "Bridesmaid" on our cups. The young barista was so excited, she went all out and wrote little hearts on every inch of Britany's cup. She was cute!

While I was there, I was wearing a giraffe-type print cardigan. As I was walking out with our drinks, an older man stopped me and said, "Excuse me, is that a giraffe outfit?" I shrugged, "Uh...yeah?" He smiled, "That's greaaaat."

Haha. What a guy.

Brit had some wonderful ideas for decorating her wedding. The location was an old barn, called the Blue Goose!

She decided to go with a vintage feel, using old decorative books, mason jars, lavender, tissue paper poofs, and twinkle lights. Her colors were purple, grey/silver and white. I'm showing you some of my favorite details of her wedding!

I'm so happy for our friends. Their ceremony was beautiful, and they wrote their own vows, which were so touching. One of the best moments was at the beginning of the ceremony, when the pastor was asking them questions -- and Bryce responded, "Indeed, I shall" rather than "I do". A classic Ol' Brycer, and one of the reason we all love him.

We'll miss them! We wish them a long, happy, devoted, loving marriage...and they will always be our favorite friends, from some of the best years of our lives!

I hope you enjoyed the details of their wedding, too :)

In love,



  1. oops. and i do really know the difference between there and their. My bad.

  2. Awwww there wedding looked beautiful!! Too bad I couldn't have come along to help, I'm a pro poof maker! hehehe

  3. So sweet. Sweet friends, sweet memories, sweet fellowship, sweet wedding, sweet pictures.....

  4. This is wonderful entry cait!!!! I am so honored to have had you in my wedding. thank you for taking all those pictures and for all the hard work you did decorating and making it a super special experience.

  5. That picture of us dancing is my favorite :-)