Sunday, October 16, 2011

the creative process.

Good evening!

I have had a superb weekend. I hope you all have, as well!

Mine has consisted of Mona Lisa Smile, five episodes of How I Met Your Mother, The Predator, and four episodes of Boy Meets World. Oh and sleeping in until 10! That was all on Saturday.

Today (Sunday) has been a little bit more active. We went to the early service at church, (we are loving our church more and more), and met Sarah, Josh and little baby Brooklyn for lunch at Dickey's. So now Dusty has gotten to meet the little princess, and was able to get his baby fix :)

It was an afternoon nap kind of day, so I definitely got a few hours in, and am enjoying some pajama-clad craft time with a latte in my hand. Our espresso machine is most treasured, as the weather turns cooler.

Dusty is enjoying his homework (well, he's doing it, anyway) and so I wanted to give you a tour of my in-the-middle-of-a-project craft space. It's gloriously messy, yet perfectly ordered according to what I am doing. It's the first time ever I've had a specific place for my craft stuff, all to myself. And I'm lovin it! I'm not gonna lie, someday, it would be awesome to have a craft studio. A whole room. Or maybe, half library, half craft studio.

Daydreaming aside, here in the present, my desk and chair were cheap and are simple, but perfect. We also found the little white wall cubes on sales at Target, and they've been great to add some depth to the wall space. It's small and cluttered, but I suppose that's how I like it best. :)


I don't think I'm ever not in the mood to craft. I sit down at this desk just about every day, and it never fails to put me in a better mood. It's relaxing, and I'm always so thrilled when something I have in my head comes out even better than I thought it would. It has been a really great outlet for me. I'm constantly learning more and more about what I want to make, and how I want my things to look. I hope I can continue to do this for a very long time.

The creative process is a time consuming one, but it's worth it. I even enjoy photographing my finished products, to post online. I think moving here has given me many gifts that I'm just now beginning to figure out. But having this time is priceless.

I hope you all are enjoying this lovely October. Wherever you are. We still have to decide what we're going to do for Halloween - we have decided to be a part of the Harvest Festival at our church, on Oct. 30th. So we're pretty excited about that! We've also decided that we are not going to be one of those couples that dresses up their cat. No, no. But I am going to bake some butterscotch oatmeal cookies for the auction at church. Look at me, all domesticated! :)

Love and miss you all,



  1. Great mug you have there!! Your craft space is so perfectly you! I miss this clutter of craftiness, and the you that goes with it. I remember you crafting away at our kitchen table in la36 and the fond memories that came with those times. :-) love you!

  2. Hi honey! I want to come and craft with you, OK? I see the little gold frame is finding a home and a purpose. I keep missing Ruth to give her your stuff.... Love you bunches.

  3. I love how you can take something as simple and ordinary as a scrap of material and make it into something so cute and creative. Missing you today.

  4. Since you linked to facebook today, I thought I would come by and confess that I look at your blog almost every day. It helps me not miss you so much, or maybe it helps me because I miss you so much. Anyway, you are brilliant and I love you.

  5. Um, first off. Tell Dusty to back off the other babies. Abby is getting jealous. ;)

    And I totally love that you painted your Posie Logo. Dang cute!

    I want to come craft with you!!