Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the time of harvest.

Happy morn!

Tuesday is a perfectly neutral day. It's not miserable, it's not overly great -- it's right in between. I've decided this.

This week is my week to reach some goals. I have been working hard on my little side business shop (Posies by Cait -- check it out here), and my goal this week is $40. This goal was set by my husband, who very carefully calculated our bills for this coming month. All that to say, I am toootally the bread and butter, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Oh -- wait. Make that $45. I forgot about that Starbucks he very sweetly brought me yesterday... :)

We have been loving the weather.

And the leaves.

I feel like I catch my breath every morning when I walk out, and there are leaves everywhere.

So, we had ourselves some fun a few days ago. I couldn't resist grabbing a handful, and crunching them up, or throwing them in the air.

I am finally starting to figure out my sewing machine. After much effort, and a lot of sweat and tears -- okay, I didn't actually cry, but there was a lot of sighing and furrowing of brows.

I made my first skirt on Sunday!! I was very proud of it, even though I knew full well that it was not turning out perfectly. But I suppose it would be silly to expect it to. I think it's uneven, the stitching is definitely not straight all the way across -- and it poofs out a lot. I think I started out with too much fabric on the sides, so it really whooshes around. And if I wear it at my waist with a shirt tucked in, it would be ill advised to bend over.

I chose this fabric because I love the little pink buds. It reminded me of the vintage-y look that I like so much, and I could picture a few things that would go great with it. I actually wore it to work (not the ensemble I have pictured) with brown tights, brown boots, and a pink ruffled shirt and brown cardigan. And I liked it!

I also was inspired by an etsy shop I came across, to have a go at fabric necklaces. I have some felt lying around from the boutonnieres I made for my friend's wedding, and some really cool pattern setting on my sewing machine. So this is what I came up with, and now that I've tried these patterns, I have so many new ideas for more!

What I really need is more time each day (especially if these skirt attempts keep costing me three hours a pop). I should just come to work at 5am, so I could get home at 1:30pm and craft all day. I shouldn't joke about that, I'm starting to yearn.

All in all, I want a whole studio to myself one day, and maybe even an in-home store for people to come and shop. We'll just have to build our little house right in the middle of main street.

In love, and until next time,



  1. I love the picture of you in your skirt. So cute! It will get faster each time. And I don't think it poufs to much... :p)

  2. i laughed out loud when i read "ill-advised to bend over".
    you crack me up! i can hear your fancy britishy reading voice when i read this and it makes me happy. love you!

  3. I am so impressed that you could take a piece of material, very little experience sewing--I was there on your very first piece, so I know this--and make such a darling skirt. I love how you put it all together, too. Nice job, Caitlin. And your mom is right (of course) each time it will go faster. Kudos to your creative side.