Thursday, April 12, 2012

cheers to the barristers

I like feeling fancy.

In college, we had this great yearly ball called Yule. Each December it was held in one of the Disneyland resort's ballrooms, and allowed all of us students to dress up, eat a fancy dinner and Mickey Mouse themed desserts, and be entertained. Usually the entertainment was in the form of a comedian group, and a photo booth. In any case, I went every year and it was always a blast. We usually had Disneyland passes, so we could spend the rest of our evening in Disneyland in our fancy dresses, or just stop in to buy a churro.

These outings were always a lot of fun.
I looked forward to them every year!
Junior year, we decided to go a little crazy. People actually thought we were serious about all of this, but obviously, we didn't care a ton about what other people thought. Dusty had been dying to wear his ridiculous thrift-store found Pink Tux (it's capitalized because it has its own personality), so we decided to have a joke-night Yule, where we went all out, in the most ridiculous way possible.
Feast your eyes!

One of the best nights, ever. We had so much fun, and so many people were staring...
It really put us on the map.

All of that to say, we had our first fancy opportunity in law school two weeks ago!
The Barrister's Ball.
How lovely! A new chance to dress up, eat fancy dinner, and hear a law-related speaker speak.
Okay, so it's not quite the same, but we still felt fancy and rather grown-up. Plus all of our friends were there!

The ballroom was right over the football field!

Everything was decorated so nicely, it felt like a wedding!
They had a candy bar as well, which I visited a little too often.
I'm still munching away on all the mints I took from there; I can't help it, they're my favorite, and they practically melt in your mouth!

The beginning of the evening was leisurely and fun, with lots of picture-taking and candy eating. Just the way a formal should be!

The best part was just soaking up the fancy.
The food was pretty good, but the rolls and the coffee were top notch. They just didn't bring enough of them! I'm not really a one-cup-of-coffee kind of gal. :)

My bag of mints. Yum!
(Dusty judged me for taking all of these).
The speaker was actually really good. I was afraid it was going to be all law-related jargon, and I would have to drink lots of coffee to combat the dozing. But since they only brought me one cup of coffee, I was sure I was doomed! But truthfully, the speaker was interesting and really funny. A great man. If only I could remember his name!

The event lasted a good 4-ish hours. Silliness started to kick in around 10 o'clock, as it often does.

Such a fun night!
Dusty and I enjoyed being all about the bows; he wore his luscious bow tie that he was able to borrow for free from a new store that's opening up a bridal section soon! And I had my dress, with all the little bow details.

We said adios to our friends, and headed home.
Dusty (or rather, one of Dusty's friends) plucked a rose from one of the bouquets, so Dusty gave it to me to wear in my hair.
It was a romantic evening, a silly evening, and an overall fancy evening. I just love being fancy!

Formal occasions like this one are fewer and far between as we get older. No more proms, or school now, it's just up to us to create fancy atmospheres for ourselves, to keep things fresh.
So that's what I plan to do.
I think next I'll have a cheese party. Fancy cheese, of course.

Until next time!
In love,


  1. Love this. I think (when you love back to AZ) that we need to make it a tradition that we hold a fancy party at least twice a year. Yep. It's official.

    1. Twice a year? Try once a month ;) but yes. "Fancy parties". Fancy Fridays...Oh, I can see it now. So many dreams in my head.

  2. Fancy, fancy, fancy. So glad to see these darling pictures. I still can't believe the pink tux. Well, actually I can, but what a goob.

  3. Lol. "A great man. If only I could remember his name." Adorable, as usual.