Wednesday, March 6, 2013

arosto, you're great-o!

Sometimes, there are too many good things happening all at once.
For one, DICKEY'S IS BACK. You can imagine our excitement!
Comfort-food binges are now back in style.

Secondly, we're going to London and Paris on a romantic extravaganza in TWO DAYS!
I can hardly stand it! I'm almost packed (meaning 6-8 hours to go, most likely) and am brimming over the edge with daydreams about crepes and macarons. I tried to quickly learn French yesterday but it turns out, learning a new language is hard. 

And lastly, but not leastly, we have a new favorite restaurant in town!
We've talked before about Waterstone Pizza downtown, which we adore. We've been a few times, most recently during our two-year-anniversary celebratory weekend.
Well, the same company that owns Waterstone has developed a more casual pizza place called Arosto!
We were totally blown away by this place.
It's located in the same little complex along Wards road (the main Lynchburg road beneath the university, that holds all the staples like Target, Walmart and Starbucks) as Chipotle and Bloop.
It's perfectly located, and is brand new and ready for our service.

Talk about the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a fire-roasted pizza after a work day!
Affordable date night, coming right up!

One of the best parts about this place is that it's quick! The service is great and works so well for a quick lunch or time-crunched dinner. But it's also perfectly welcoming for a leisurely chat with mouth-fulls of pepperoni!
Although, we've been there twice -- and the second time the place was packed!
So the word is getting out. :)

But the best part about this dining experience?
The pizzas are build-your-own. That's right!
The menu is loaded with fresh ingredients for you to pick and choose from to create the perfect, melty concoction of Italian pie.
Red sauce, or white? How about pesto? Pepperoni, sausage, bacon...pineapple? Jalapenos? Would you like some delicious goat cheese sprinkled on top?

Once you load up your pizza creation, they cook it right there in their amazing oven and your food is delivered to your table in a few minutes, a hot and drizzled perfection.

But fear not, my minions. For you indecisive folk, there is a ready-to-order menu as well. Specialty Pizzas and good old fashioned Cheese, Margherita and Pepperoni pizzas lie patiently waiting for you to speak their name.
They also have salads and sandwiches! Check out their menu to discover its pleasures.
If you're not hungry yet, I haven't done my job.

And if you're wondering, my job is to make you want to come visit so we can go out and eat together!

Arosto, yum! :)

In love,

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  1. just had pizza hut... and you have still managed to make me want MORE pizza. It may be the preggersness but I am going to chalk it up to your good food writing skills. xo lolly