Tuesday, March 5, 2013

owl always love you

I'm finally arriving at that stage of life where baby showers are more common than weddings.
I know very little about baby showers, so I'm still a newbie. I also know very little about babies, so maybe I should read some books or something.

Our friends Chris and Heather moved to Washington D.C. last year, and there's been a gaping hole in our lives ever since.
They're expecting their first baby, a sweet girl named Audriana!
This past weekend, my other friends Allison (also due with her first little girl, a few days before Heather!) and Stephanie and I jumped into a car together to travel to the D.C. area for Heather's baby shower!

We arrived early and met Chris and Heather at a funky little coffee shop called "Deja Brew" so we could spend some quality time with them before the festivities.

Baby Mamas!

The shower was hosted by Heather's best friend Erin. She did such an amazing job!
We had met Erin and her husband Eddie (they got married last year!) a few times before, so we knew it'd be a treat to see them again!

The details:

The owl theme was perfected with homemade cupcakes, paper details and labels, and an adorable handmade crochet beanie!
We had chicken salad sandwiches, individual taco-dip cups, tomato basil/mozzarella skewers, fruit, meatballs and sweet tea.

Erin had everything planned out.
She set up a headband-making station, where we could all choose some accessories to create personalized headbands and clips for little Audriana!

 Such a cute idea!
A girl has got to have her accessories. :)

We also played some really fun games, although I have to say, I did not take part in the "chubby bunny", baby edition!

There's something really delightful about watching a new mom open baby shower presents...
It's like the identity of their little one is forming before your eyes. Their first books, their first clothes, the first things they'll see and touch and love. The first things that will decorate their room and surround them as they sleep, nestled in the newness of life.
It's also just lovely to see how excited Heather is to nurture Audriana and love on her as soon as possible!

Bib: "Shall we have cupcakes for dinner?"

Stephanie loves to talk with her hands!
Completely mischievous.

The rest of the day went by in a blur.
We stayed around and took pictures and enjoyed our time, before we were ready to hit the road back to Lynchburg.

Seriously...how cute are they?? 

I may not know anything about babies, but I know a great mom when I see one!
You are beautiful and wonderful and you and Chris are going to make such amazing parents.
We feel blessed to have been able to be near you and a part of your lives, even if just for a short time.
Although we wish we could be celebrating with you in-person, know that we are so happy for you and can't wait to see Audriana grow and fall in love with life with you by her side.
Enjoy these last few weeks, and she'll be here before you know it!
Love you guys so much.

In love,
Caitlin (& Dusty!)

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