Thursday, August 1, 2013

quit playing games with my Hart

This is the very first thing that came to my mind last night when I heard the news.

I was turning out the lights downstairs, having thrown a load of laundry in the dryer and cleaned up a little bit before getting ready for bed. Dusty was heading towards the stairs, and I had Anne of Green Gables in one hand and my phone in the other.
My phone screen had lit up seconds before with a Facebook notification - a friend of mine had tagged me in a post, saying "Caitlin, your lavender latte is back!" need to get too excited, I faithfully reminded myself.
I actually found my lavender latte at another little coffee shop downtown, owned by the previous owners of the White Hart, so I figured that's what the post was in reference to.
You remember the White Hart, right? That little big wonderful indie coffee shop downtown that spoke to my soul then broke my heart?

Anyway. I swiped the notification to take me to the Facebook app, so I could see the full extent of the post.

Chitty chitty bang bang, WHAT IS THIS.

Anne of Green Gables went toppling out of my hands and I gasped in the terrifying way that Dusty hates the most because he thinks that someone died while jumping and squealing in a similar fashion to Ross from Friends.

Dusty half fell down the stairs in terror, "WHAT IS HAPPENING!? You scared me to death!"

It's true, folks.
White Hart published this post, announcing their return, hopefully the first week of September.

While details are still in the works, they've enlisted the help of a Kickstarter-esque page called indiegogo to raise the funds to reopen the White Hart in the greatest shape possible.
And, honestly, if I had $1,000 to permanently name my own menu item (I'd name a breakfast hash "The Dusty Bowl") and have my own table and an engraved placard on a chair and a unique ceramic mug reserved for my use at all times and 10 free coffees and my name forever displayed with everyone else who contributed to save the White Hart, I totally would. Without hesitation.

As it stands, I'll simply pretend that all of my hopes and dreams can count for cash in this new endeavor.

If you're interested in contributing to the revitalization of White Hart, visit here:
And make me proud.

One of the saddest things I've ever heard is that White Hart's sign was stolen while in storage, after they closed down.

When I told Dusty this, he paused and said, "So...did you take it?"
Well, geez, if I had known it was going to be stolen I would've MUCH rather it be stolen by me.

After processing all of this information while sitting in bed with my phone clutched to my chest in disbelief, I burst into tears.
Our time in Lynchburg is steadily coming to a close, and White Hart is coming back. It's almost too much to handle. With so many friends and family coming to visit these next two semesters, I can share the joy that is the Lavender Latte and The Usual breakfast with them. I no longer have to shun the entire right side of the street when I drive down Main Street. Our book club can return to its cozy cafe meetings. I can sit in a window seat for an entire day again. 
It's as if everything in the world has found poetry and meaning once more.

A best friend told me yesterday that I tend to be rather dramatic.
Hm...maybe she's right.

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