Tuesday, August 13, 2013

beginning of the end

Last night, we had our very last Dean's Reception at the law school.
It was weird, guys. Really weird.
First of all, some of my favorite familiar faces weren't there. People like Allison and Greg, who have graduated and moved on.

The Dean's Reception is technically for the incoming 1L students, but since we're mentors for 1Ls, we attend and mingle and pick at the finger foods.

We got there early to avoid the crowds, because once the Dean's address is over everyone comes piling in, following the scent of punch and cheese.

I realized before we left our house last night that I didn't have any pictures from the past two Dean's Receptions. I think our first one was so darn overwhelming (plus I didn't even have an iPhone then, how archaic) and we didn't know anyone, so we didn't end up taking many pictures.
I instagrammed one picture from last year, but completely forgot to take any pictures with our friends or anything. Complete fail on my part.

Dean's Reception, 2012.

In any case, I grabbed the camera on our way out and decided to capture some of the happy moments of our very last Dean's Reception. It's the beginning of the end, everyone.

The crowds are starting to feast.

A holy mountain of cheeses is always a good idea.

Looking around the room, we started spotting a few people we knew and loved.
People who have been around from the beginning, friends and classmates of Dusty's who have made this experience all the more wonderful.

Although the Dean's Reception is probably my very least favorite event, because it's so loud and noisy and intimidating with a room full of strangers, there was still this weird sense of we belong here and this is the end....

When it was all said and done, we walked outside hand in hand and just looked at each other.
How many times can we say "time flies" before we start sounding like a broken record?
How is it even possible that this journey is heading into the last stretch already?
I feel as if we just moved in, like that tearful goodbye to my mom happened mere days ago, instead of two years ago. I feel blessed and happy and so overjoyed to have experienced this. I know we still have a year left, but I feel like it's just a handful of days that's going to sprint past us before we even have time to make any plans.
I'm sorry for anyone who feels differently, but law school has been so fun. It has been magical, adventurous, delightful, and even in the most challenging of moments it has been great and so worthwhile.

I texted Allison yesterday about the Dean's Reception, and how I had missed her being there.
She said, "Today was just no fun. I wanna be a law wife again!"
I have a feeling I'm going to feel the same way. I'm so happy we came here, and I already know I'm going to miss it like mad.

Cheers to making it - the last year! We're officially 3Ls and it feels so fine.

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