Wednesday, December 11, 2013

September Backlogs: little bits

Here you will find a short list of things from the end of September that I never got around to blogging about.

Dusty was cute

The girlies were cute

We had silly dates

We had double dates

That chick kept wearing my cardigan

Dusty touched a special rock

To be more specific, which I feel is probably necessary, the law school has a ceremony called Ad Fontes where the students touch the "ebenezer stone" upon arrival, and upon entering their last year. It's a symbol.
And apparently this rock was actually found on Mount Sinai, so that's pretty cool.

We had an awesome Revenge premiere party 

We kind of stuck with the "fire and ice" theme!
Everything looked great, and all of the snacks and drinks were amazing.
The only teeny tiny problem was that our cable stopped working, seconds before the premiere began.
It was a major crisis.
Luckily, Russanna voted for us to drive a few minutes down the road to her house to watch it there. We missed the first fifteen minutes, but overall, I'm gonna call this premiere party a success.

We've gotten way behind on this show, so part of Christmas break will definitely be spent catching up on the dastardly deeds and harrowing troubles of our favorite revenger Emily Thorne.

I began the prep for a happy Frocktober!

The time for a month of dresses had come again!
Head to Voguish at Best for my log of Frocktober posts.

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