Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with air-conditioning

Whenever we talk about the fact that we're from Arizona around Christmastime, the conversation always ends up landing on the idea that Arizona never gets that cold. Especially here in Virginia, I mean, people are surprised we haven't shriveled up and died when the temps hit the 30's. People think we Arizonans ride horses to work and use sand as deodorant.

I feel like Dusty and I have these conversations down pat. 
In fact, almost always, my husband ends up saying: "Oh yeah, most of the time we have the air conditioning on in the car on Christmas Day."
Which happens to be true, I suppose. But sometimes I think we try and brag that Arizona winters are delightful, like we're wearing shorts and t-shirts. 
I have no real point to this story. I've just realized over the years that we have the same conversation over and over. 

I love Arizona in the winter. Good Lord, it's beautiful. It's crisp (and, yes, it gets cold!) and clear, and Christmas in Arizona, 2012, was a delicious time to be alive. 

This is my family's street, and "my" mountain.
We went back and forth between my family and Dusty's family just about every other day, drinking in all of the glorious home time.




Which, by the way, is also #1 on the list of things we were good-naturedly harassed about (#2 on the list was whether or not we had seen "Pitch Perfect" yet. Don't worry, guys, we've seen it now), and my dear husband certainly doesn't help when he does "Caitlin's pregnant!" fake-outs whenever the mood strikes him. 

It's true, though, the new babies in the family are way good-looking, squishy and soft and sweet.
And we spent as much time as possible holding them and trying to teach them that we are their favorite aunt and uncle.

Although usually the please-love-us bribes fell flat.

Thanks for the chocolate, dude, but you're dead to me now.


The best and merriest time of the year.
We spent Christmas Eve/Christmas morning with my family.
We had a lot of great moments, including going to our Christmas Eve service. It was the first time in a long time that my whole family was there together! Dusty and I sang "O Holy Night" with my parents, and my brother Chris spoke his testimony on trusting God, and finished by singing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".
As always, we left the service singing Silent Night with lit candles.

Christmas morning, I had my dad's caramel popcorn for breakfast.
Which honestly, his caramel popcorn could be its very own highlight.
It was a morning full of laughter, smiles and adorable little nieces. It was so wonderful to all be together.

The second half of our Christmas was spent with Dusty's family.
After our pajama-clad morning, we got ready and headed up to Chandler to see family, eat a scrumptious meal at the fancy Christmas table, and enjoy our time together.


Games, hangouts, parties, girl time, shopping, and just good old-fashioned time together.

Happy Birthday faces, for my beauty of a sister.

Zoo Lights!

The next big highlight would have to be New Year's Eve.
But that'll have to go to another post!

Stay tuned. :)

The only down side to having such an extravagantly long trip home (two whole weeks!) is that you start to feel like you don't actually live far away...you start to sink in and your age-old roots begin to dig in again, and you enter this strange, timeless life warp that completely distorts your views of reality.
We were simply nomads. A different bed each night, living the dreamer's life.
It made it all the more difficult to leave, when the time came.

Next time:
- Old friends, new memories
- New Year's Eve
- Our 2nd Anniversary
- The long journey home...

In love,

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