Monday, January 21, 2013

fashion blog: voguish at best!

Hi everyone!

I have some exciting news. I have started a new blog!
Before you all panic and wonder what in the world you will do with your lives, I will still be keeping this blog intact. 
I know, I know. You're welcome.

I have been inspired by a few blogs that I check daily, like Delightfully Tacky and The Caffeinated Closet.
I love these girls and their unique personalities and creative posts.
Their blogs are flawless, centered around beautiful photos and personal style. I love keeping up with them and I look forward to their posts!
I hope to have a similar impact, and really explore this new kind of style diary.


My best friend designed the header for me, I absolutely love it!
Voguish At Best.

Honestly, it took me 3 weeks to come up with a name. Poor Becky (the aforementioned best friend) had to listen to my rants and horrible ideas for days and days, offering her best constructive criticism and finally being the one to find the winner!
I somehow discovered the word "voguish" in my thesaurus word searches, which I thought was perfect. I was getting ready to tell her another pretty bad idea with "voguish" in it, and in saying so, I said, "Cause you know, I'm not really vogue...I'm like...vogue-ish, at best."
And there, in my ramblings, she found the one.
(Thanks, Beckles). 

My first post is up, and I would love for you to go take a peek!

Please subscribe, share, and spread the word. My goal is to have 2-4 outfit posts a week, plus a few other in-between posts.

But keep coming over here for my personal life, if you dare.

Love you all!


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