Thursday, April 18, 2013

storybooks and well wishes

As you may already know, our wonderful friends Greg and Allison are getting ready to leave us.
Greg will be graduating from Liberty Law in less than a month, and they'll be taking their little family back to Illinois to start the next chapter in their lives!
We are very excited for them, but also very sad for the loss we will feel without them here.

My friend Stephanie and I worked together to throw a little baby shower for Allison, who is having her first little girl (her son Aidan is 2) any day now!
(My fingers are crossed for today...I really wanna meet her asap!)

Not only is Allison a wonderful friend, but she's also been incredibly involved in the law wives and is beloved by everyone she meets. She has invested so much of herself into the law wives ministry, and I know I would have been lost without her, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

With that in mind, Stephanie and I wanted to create a bubbly, girly, intimate get together for loved ones to come and show their love and appreciation for Allison and little baby Brooklyn.

Stephanie's home was absolutely perfect.
We were thrilled because it was such a gorgeous day, and we could open the blinds and the front door and just let all the natural light in.
She has done such a wonderful job of decorating their house, and it's kind of what I imagine my future house to look like...someday, when I grow up...

She's also a wonderful cook, and an exceptional baker, and she took care of all of the goodies for the shower. I'm still in awe over the marvelous stuff she made!

She made a gorgeous cake, frosted to perfection and topped with fresh flowers. It was a coconut cream cake with raspberry filling. Yeah, yeah, I know.
She also made three kinds of tea sandwiches: cucumber, caprese, and tuna salad. 
She made mini coffee cake muffins, and had an amazing display of cheeses with bread biscuits, grapes, and prosciutto. I'm a sucker for cheese, so I kept hanging around that end of the table...

I really can't get over that cake. Right out of a magazine, amiright?

I helped with the decorations and took on a few crafty projects for the cutesie factor.

In the kitchen, Stephanie set up the drink station.
Mint infused water, some various sparkling ciders, and of course, coffee!
She ordered a box of coffee from Starbucks (so cool) and transferred it into the silver carafe for serving. 

We were both really pleased with how everything turned out. :)
It was really fun preparing something for someone whose friendship has meant so much to both of us!

Once it started getting close to 11, I set out to go and pick Allison up.
It was a "surprise" shower...although a few days before we had kind of had to tell her about she knew what was going on, but there was still an air of mystery.

Walking in with her was fun: "Why are there so many people in there??"

 I'm pretty sure this is her reaction to the cake, and I really, really love it.

We had a really great group of women come out for the shower!
The first game we instilled was that the word "baby" was off limits. I think someone slipped right off the bat, and our friend Rachel was the first to shout "AH!" as soon as they did.
I'm telling you, she was a mastermind. We each had little paper hearts taped to our shirts, and if you said the magic word, whoever caught you could steal it...
Rachel was stealing hearts all over the place.

We snacked, and chatted, and eventually played a second game.
It was actually a game I had seen played at my sister-in-law's baby shower!
I had loaded up a tray with baby-related goodies, and brought it slowly around the room.
Once I had made my rounds, I put the tray away into the back room and had everyone write down as many things as they could remember from the tray!

Definitely not easy! It was packed!

Victoria won, and received the first prize - a fun Bath & Body Works candle!
(PS - I just went and spent way too much there yesterday on all of their Spring scents. Strawberry candles, fresh flowers, scents of Italy... love them all!)

Allison actually won the other prize, which was given at random to the one who grabbed the dessert plate that I had drawn a little heart on the bottom of! :)
(Rachel, obviously, won the "baby" game!)

Allison and Victoria

Allison and Emilie

A few girls had to leave early, so we cut the cake and all ooohed and aaaahed.
We also grabbed a group shot before anyone else left, although Emilie had already had to leave to go babysit her niece :) such a good-looking group.

Opening presents is my favorite part.
I loved some of the pictures I got at Heather's shower of her opening little Audri's new things, and having both Heather and Allison having little girls so close together is really fun.

I loved watching Allison's face at each new item (and writing down the things she said, which I used later for a "things you said at the baby's conception" log...hehe!).
She's just so darn cute.

The cuteness overload pout.

 This next reel of pictures is from Allison opening the best gift ever: a baby book of Pride and Prejudice.

It was one of Stephanie's gifts, and we had talked about it beforehand, so I knew how excited she was to give it to Allison!
But it was way more fun seeing her tell everyone else the story of how and when she found it in a store in Charlottesville.

 I'm not gonna lie, I want all of these books for my future children.
They're adorable.
But the first one I must have (listen up, my-future-baby-loving-people) is Pride and Prejudice.

She passed it around so we all could see.
Hands down, the cutest counting book of all time.

The "I <3 Darcy" shirt!

Baby things are just too cute.

Allison has a super cute pair of red pants - and now they can match!

Before everyone left, they were encouraged to grab some macarons and Posies for little to-go favors.

Right - Stephanie also made incredible chocolate mint macarons that were absolutely scrumptious.

After the shower, we grabbed some coffee to go and the three of us amigos headed off to a vintage market that was happening at Dusty and I's church.

 It was the perfect way to end such a girly day.

It was honestly above and beyond what I had envisioned!
Allison and I went to this vintage market right before Christmas, but it was hosted in a warehouse downtown.
This time it was at LFCN, and was so well done. Everything was spread out and each vendor had an awesome display of their items. I wanted to buy everything! It was a problem.

It was such a beautiful, perfect girl's day!

Allison: I hope you feel loved, today and every day.
You are an amazing woman, an amazing mother, an amazing friend, and Brooklyn is going to be so thrilled to belong to you every single day of her sweet life.
I'm so happy that we'll be friends for always, and Dusty and I promise to come to Chicago whenever we can, as long as you promise to come and have Arizona time with me. I guess Greg can come, too. :)
We love you!

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