Friday, April 5, 2013

the everlasting winter

I am so, so tired of being cold.
We were cold before our trip, freezing during our trip, and still frozen upon our return.
I can't quite explain to you the gnawing numbness that builds up in one's soul when exposed to long-term chills.
Remember that whole Tale of the Sun People episode from last summer?
Well, I'm almost at the point where I'd rather be there, than here. And that's saying a lot.

The truth is, we got really lucky last year. We had a mild winter (and really, in comparison to some places in the U.S., this is still a mild winter), with only one real day of snow.
We had an amazing snow day.

AN amazing snow DAY. Only one.
This year, we've had way too many.
It was snowing when I left work last night! On April 4th! I wanted to punch the weather man, even though it's not his fault. Sometimes cold makes me angry like that.
Screw that whole Game of Thrones Winter is Coming nonsense: it's here, and it WON'T GO AWAY.

I'm ready for sandals. And shorts. And hats. And grilling on the back porch, stopping for snow cones, taking trips, eating outside at restaurants, smelling flowers, walking downtown, watching fireworks, getting tan, and being warm, even hot.

But, here we are.

This was about ten days ago...
And while I'm on an anti-cold rant, I'll admit that this was the prettiest day of snow we had.

Everything was so quiet and so frosty and still. It was unreal.
We took our time driving away, mostly because the ice under our tires was slipping and sliding, but also because we had the strange feeling that time had stopped for a minute and we should take advantage of those extra moments of life.

I'm still angry about the cold, but I thought it'd be therapeutic to share one of my favorite snow mornings.
It kinda worked.
I really do love the's always exciting and beautiful, or at least that's how I felt until last night.
The snowfall when I left work was not happy snow. It was angry snow.
It was as if the snow in the sky got mad and starting throwing unmentionables at us, instead of falling gracefully themselves. It was thick and wet and grey and slushy, lining the ground in greyish white but then immediately freezing in dirty, icy slush. It was sleesnowice. And it was awful.

So for now, I'll just remember all the reasons I love snow, and try to make amends.

In love,

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