Friday, February 24, 2012

snow day!

The call came in.


Classes are canceled!! And staff and faculty....have to report at 11am. :(
Dang. That's me.

Hold the phone, suga! I'm staying home for my snow day!
Thankfully, my office is really flexible and generously allowed me to take the day off for my very first snow day :)
I'll have to work on Saturday to make up the hours, but that's no problem!

This is what we woke up to on Monday morning...

It's a perfect day. :)

We started thinking about what we'd like to do most, and of course, sledding came immediately to mind.
I have absolutely no snow-worthy gear, so I had to settle for some skinny jeans, an easily soakable jacket, my rain boots and my snow hat :)

Our own little winter wonderland.
It was already warming up, and the snow was slowly beginning to fall off the trees! We knew this was a quickly fading, very special day.

Poor Phoebe did NOT sign up for this kind of life.

Our hearts (and a few key texts between friends) led us up around the corner from Liberty mountain.

There ended up being 7 of us, and we all met at our friend's house - they live right above Liberty.
We trekked through the woods until we found a formidable hill!
We had a pretty good troop :)
(oh and 7 is counting 1 year-old Aidan, and Sammy, the dog).
We took a few detours and roundabout travels before we found the right place.

Not quite sure about this whole "snow" thing.


A very special bond :)

We both occasionally enjoy laughing at our husbands.

The snow was soooo powdery. It was soft and blanket-like.
Fluff, fluff, fluff.

Allison, Greg and little Aidan were so cute together. Aidan loved to touch the snow. If he started getting upset, all you had to do was bundle up a ball of snow in front of him, and he would be instantly fascinated.

We lollygagged, frolicked, and waded through the snow some more.
We finally came to the glorious hill that we would call "home" for a few hours!
It was so funny to sled down, because the snow was so light that it flew in your face and got all over you as you went down!

We figured out fairly quickly that our red sled was the best. The biggest and the fastest!
At one point, Allison and I both got on together and flew down the hill so fast and furious that we almost flattened Sammy. Luckily, Chris was there! It all happened in slow motion...
"Saammmmyyy, nnoooooo!!!" as he jumped in like Superman, swinging his sled above our heads, dodging out of the way, and leaving everyone involved safe and unharmed.

Kodak moment, to be sure.
Nice photographic catch, Dusty.
(PS, because of bankruptcy, Kodak is now out of the camera business. Our children will never even know why it's called a Kodak moment! Sad truth.)

We hung out up on our hill for a few hours, and I found out rather swiftly how out of shape I am. I stopped sledding just because I didn't want to walk back up the hill anymore!

But, we had a grand time :)

How cute is that?


I hope Dusty's snow day was everything he had hoped it to be. :)

Cheering us on! :)
Awkward friends.

That little smile by Aidan may have taken a while for me to get, but I think it was well earned :) we've developed a fairly good rapport, I think.
Having had a wonderful, exhausting, beautiful day spent with friends having all kinds of snowy shenanigans, we went home and I fell into bed and slept for three hours.
Hmmm. Maybe I really should work out on occasion.

Thanks for the best snow day ever, gang :)

In love,


  1. KODAK IS BANKRUPT!? Terrible news....

    This post is great. What a fabulous day we had! =) The last picture of Aidan is great! Thanks for posting =)

  2. What a fun day. Another story well told.