Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i heart mail (and surprises!)

I just got the most fabulous surprise in the mail. :)

I had my eye on this adorable set of teacups from Ruche, but they sold out pretty quickly.
Plus, we've been doing our best not to spend any money over the next few months, except on food and other semi-important things :)

SO, imagine my surprise and glee, when there was a knock on our door! We weren't expecting anything or anyone, so the large package being delivered to us was quite a mystery.
Once I opened it, I squeeled until Dustin quickly backed away with his hands over his ears!

Aren't these just adorable?
Heart-shaped tea/coffee -- it's like a little love note to myself!

I absolutely love them.
And am so thankful for the random kindness and sweet gift of my parents :)

I am now enjoying multiple cups of tea with cream!!

On a side note, I also made a fun little craft today. An easy one, too!
I had gotten a really big swatch of burlap from an interior design shop during a big fabric sale they were having. So I decided to use it!

Note Board

What You Need:
-Picture Frame
-Dry Erase Marker

I just used the picture frame insert to cut out the burlap to fit the frame :)

You could use it as a little note board, or a menu board to let your hubby know what's for dinner! :)
I settled for a cute little kitchen note.

What a great day :)

In love,

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  1. I loved coming in from working and listening to your voice message! I am so glad they made your day. Love you!!