Thursday, February 16, 2012

the desert calls to me

I love the desert.
When I was little, I used to pretend to have conversations with creosote bushes.
I used to talk to them like they knew me, because they had always been there growing up. I'd walk down our dirt driveway and comment on the weather, or pull some small leaves off of their branches because I loved the smell of them so much.
Since moving to Virginia, the desert has become even more beautiful to me. I have been to so many beautiful places, particularly on our drive out here. Driving through the gorgeous greenery of Kentucky, I was amazed at how distinctly different it was from home, and yet I found it equally as beautiful as the desert.
The world really is a pretty amazing place, to hold so much diversity, and so much beauty, all at once!
To me, Arizona means open skies, bright stars, gorgeous sunsets, horses, rain, heat, family, and love.
My husband and I met there, dated there, fell in love there, married there, and honeymooned there.
This was our actual wedding:

It was a perfect, wonderful day. I'm an incredible homebody, and am currently in a constant state of homesickness for the beautiful Arizona state.
As I've been reminiscing on some of my favorite moments, they keep leading me back to our "Trash the Dress" shoot that we took after our honeymoon.
We arrived from our little getaway in the mountains, where I had cropped my hair short to further signify my new beginning, to meet our wedding photographer for our post-honeymoon session. For all intents and purposes, it was a "Trash the Dress" shoot -- although I was definitely NOT trashing my dress. :)
These are some of my all-time favorite pictures. They are rendered even more meaningful by the setting of my parent's home, the place where I grew up. It was the only house I had ever lived in, and it holds all of my childhood memories, and more. Our photographer, Rilie, is so fantastic.
Look through our desert whimsy photo shoot, and enjoy the beauty of Arizona :)

My mother is a fabulous horse trainer,
and I have spent many hours climbing and playing on her haystacks.

I think Dustin fell in love with me because we had horses; look at that face. 
He's always wanted to be a cowboy. 

Ride me off into the sunset.

a gentleman and his lady.

We felt so chic. My parent's property is so full of hidden treasures, and wonderful animals. The desert and the sunshine made for a lovely winter's day. We had a few friends greet us along our way.

This next shot is my favorite picture of my entire life. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it combines Love Story by Taylor Swift, and The Princess Bride.

"Farm boy, polish my horse's saddle. I want to see my face shinig in it by morning."
"As you wish."

Mr. Wild.

I love everything about the desert.
Our desert.

Our Mountain.

I love looking back through these pictures. They are still, quiet moments of romance. They capture us, the beginning of our marriage, the landscape of our love and relationship, and some of the best places and memories of my younger life. We are so fortunate to have had an opportunity to have stellar wedding pictures, as well as an incredibly meaningful "Just Married" photo shoot.
So this, is love.

I love having someone to share my life with. To make new memories, and travel to new places, and find new beauties out in the great wide world. However, I also love having someone by my side that loves the desert as much as I do. We are both loving Virginia, and loving the experiences that Dustin being in law school brings.
But one of the best things about Dustin is that he longs to return to Arizona, and our sweet desert life, just as much as I do.
Praise the Lord. :)

Cheers to reminiscing, and to looking forward as well!
In love,


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