Friday, February 24, 2012

our first snow

Weathermen can't be trusted.

That's why when it started to SNOW on Sunday, we were all shocked! AND excited!
There had been some rumors spreading around that it was supposed to snow last weekend. But, we weren't particularly bothered -- there had been many-a-snow-rumor since we moved here, so we went about our days like normal. All it took was one facebook status to bring us off our tushes, and out the door. And sure enough, snow!! Pouring down upon us!
Our yard (a.k.a. apartment complex, yard just sounds cozier) was quickly transformed:

Now, before you make fun of us, remember: we're desert people.
Through and through.
So this was a MIRACLE of the Lord.
Even Luna was really confused. Poor little thing was born in the summer! She was as baffled as we were!

We decided to take immediate emergency action, and get ourselves bundled up and to a coffee shop PRONTO.

Although we did take a moment or two to dance around :)

After realizing that our key coffee shop choices were closed on Sundays, we decided to head to the nearest Starbucks. We were a little too giddy, I have to tell you. We were singing, and all kinds of excited all the way down the road. I even took a little video, to capture the pure bliss.
It's kind of hysterical how terrible I am with a video camera.

*Video interpretation: Starbucks + Snow = Paradise


We're such posers. We ended up staying at Starbucks for maybe 20 minutes or so, because it was crowded and we got bored. Oh well. At least I got my cappuccino, and Dusty got absolutely no homework done.
Procrastination complete!   

It snowed all night long, and we opened all the blinds in our apartment so we could sit in bed and watch the snow fall while we watched movies on Netflix :) the only thing left was to pray for a snow day.
I wish you could have seen Dusty's reaction to the possibility.
"A SNOW DAY? I've been dreaming of one for my WHOLE LIFE."
He's pretty cute.
Did we get a snow day? Stay tuned to find out. :)
In love,


  1. *Big smile* and thinking to herself..."Does Caitlin read this posts on her blog?"

  2. I love the video. And your cute scarf and beanie! How fun to have snow!!!