Tuesday, October 2, 2012

apple picking

Apples, apples, apples!!

I don't think I've ever fully appreciated them before.

Two weeks ago, I bought a batch of apples from the Farmer's Market that were so sinfully, juicefully delicious that we made smoothies out of them. They overtook any and every other flavor, they were so sweet and pungent. My mouth waters just thinking about them. I don't think I can ever eat a store-bought apple again.

Since we were on an apple high, we couldn't wait to go apple picking at Gross Orchards last weekend!
The Law Wives had orchestrated this annual event (we weren't able to go last year) once again, and we decided to carpool with our friends, Allison and Greg.

It was a windy, narrow-road drive to the beautiful orchard in Bedford. It took about 40 minutes to get there.

There was a little shop inside, which was packed full with ciders, jams, jellies, various pickled vegetables and lots of apples!
It was a really fun place to browse around.

The amount of cider boggled the mind.
Especially when some of the titles were "Scuppernong" and "Muscadine". Who in the world named those fruits? Pretty sure it wasn't Adam.

 Before we actually headed into the thick of the apple trees, we decided to take advantage of the built-in Pumpkin Photobooth and take a few pictures!

Totally impossible to resist taking pictures of these excited moments.
Aidan is too cute!

The kids were totally thrilled to be in the great outdoors!
And everyone loves bright orange pumpkins :)

Once we got into the orchard, it became rather clear that it wasn't exactly what we had expected...

It was kind of like what I imagine a Zombie "Apple"-calypse to be like.
(Self-pat for cleverness).

Where are all of the apples?
Wait...look down...
Heaven have mercy, they're dead, they're everywhere! 
They're coming toward us, they're oozing...
Oh sweet child of mine, they're eating each other. 

It wasn't that bad, but they were definitely a sad looking bunch of apple trees :(
It was like a garden of lost memories.
There were giant insects dwelling in the cores of the rot, waiting to fly out and steal our souls.

But I could always count on Allison to keep things cheerful.

Honestly, we had a great time. :)
It was overcast, the weather was beautiful, and we just enjoyed it all.

We gave up on the apple search pretty quickly.
We resigned to have empty bags, and head back to buy our apples in their little store once we were finished walking around.

And even though we knew we wouldn't find any apples...
Oh wait.

I spoke too soon!

Kid has totally got swag.

There were a couple of magical moments, watching the kids run around and have their own adventures while us adults watched jealously, wishing we still had little legs and big imaginations.

It ended up being a perfect day.
And no one got killed by that 2 foot tall wasp I saw.

I heart Fall.

 The rest of the weekend swiftly turned to a tribute to all things "Fall".

I made my first apple pie!
As well as a super delicious pumpkin dip.

Everyone needs a proper Baking Playlist.
This time, it happened to be The Beatles.

 The apple pie was made thanks to a family recipe, and this fantastic pumpkin dip was all thanks to Pinterest!

 Click here to see the recipe, courtesy of TableSpoon.com.

Sunday night, we cozied up with some friends to watch the much-anticipated premieres of both "Once Upon a Time" and "Revenge"!

I've already posted about Revenge before, but it's easily my favorite drama show nowadays. 

We started out watching Once Upon a Time, with the brand new "Snow White" mugs I bought for the occasion.
We filled them up with oh-so-appropriate and tasty apple cider, and couldn't contain our excitement!

So cute!
(Gotta love Zulily).

We then had some friends over from church to watch Revenge with us.
We settled down with Pina Colada smoothies, and snacked on garlic shrimp, and some pumpkin dip.

We were SO ready to be back in the Hamptons!

Dusty is totally team Nolan, so he dressed up to the nines to imitate the lovely and oh-so-odd millionaire.

This season has started off just as strong, if not stronger, than where it left off so we are thrilled to be watching it again.

We've missed it!

If you haven't already, tune in to Revenge.
It's a MUST to start out from the beginning, because it's masterfully done, completely unpredictable, and there are a lot of spoilers and plot twists that you just have to see to fully appreciate!

Season 1 is on Netflix now -- so get to watching! ;)

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

3 days until my birthday!


In love,


Frocktober Update!
Today's Outfit:

Dress (worn as skirt): Penny's (bought in Ireland)
Top: Gifted
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: via Groupon
Booties: Baker's
Headband: J. Crew

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