Monday, October 1, 2012

I Heart October

October is my favorite month of the year. It's true.

My life began in October, so maybe that's part of it.
I really, really like birthdays. And even though it's kind of strange to celebrate every year the day you were born, (totally narcissistic) I absolutely love to make it a big deal.

My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Gifts, and I love to give, receive, and be near the giving or receiving of gifts.

I like to promote "birthday month" which is basically an excuse to say "but it's my birthday" within a month (on either end) of my actual birthday.
My husband likes to go along with it, because he's sweet and accommodating.

Which is why he's amazing and got me a kitten.

It was the first "birthday month!" surprise and it has been an absolutely lovely week, let me tell you.
We picked her up last Friday. We had seen her at Pets-Mart the week before, and we had seriously considered taking her home with us. But, we decided not to.... despite my pouting eyes.
The pouting eyes always work, people.

So last Friday, this happened.

He's so tricky.
He tries to say he got her for me, but let's be honest.
He's a crazy cat man now. his defense, she's like. Ridiculously cute.

We decided to name her Evangeline.


Luna = "Moon"
Evangeline = "Star"

She's kind of perfect.
She's the only birthday present I've ever gotten with a built-in bow.
On her face.

And to top that off, she's got the cutest little legs.
There's nothing more perfect than little animals paws.

 Except for an animal paw with a giant heart on it.

Like I said, kind of perfect.

There's only one real flaw with little Evangeline.
She won't get off of me.

I say that in a really loving way. But she is the neediest, cuddliest, most ridiculously loving/insecure kitten I've ever seen.
She can't sit still. We spent the first 3 days like this.

I just had to carry her around.
She would cry nonstop, whenever I'd leave her.
It took us 2 days to gradually introduce her to Luna, so I spent a lot of time alone with her in the craft room.
We watched a lot of movies. And I read.
Well. I tried to.

It started out well.

She's getting closer...
Yeah this isn't gonna work.
Still, even after having her for 10 days, she has to sleep on me at night.
Not really on me. She sleeps on my face.
She sleeps wrapped around my face. With her face burrowed into my eyeball, if she can manage it.
Purring like a helicopter.
I haven't slept in 10 days.

I woke up angry and sweating at 2am this morning because I had been wearing a cat-scarf for 3 hours.

Despite her needy ways, we have come to love her. So has Luna. Kind of. In her own way.
This happened last night, so we think she might be done trying to kill her.

So, we welcome in October in very, very good spirits.
It's birthday week!

And also, in honor of October, my favorite online boutique Ruche is having a cute little "Frocktober" event.
Every day in October, they will be releasing a new special dress for sale!

In response to this, I'm going to have my own "Frocktober"!
I will be wearing a dress every day, to try and challenge myself to reinvent my wardrobe on a daily basis.

I'll be posting my outfits at the end of each week, to keep up with my challenge.
Keep checking back to follow along!

I shall be dedicated to a month of Frighteningly Fantastic Fashion.

In love,

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