Thursday, October 25, 2012

Current Covets

I am not good to my handbags.

My current purse still has the odd mixed smell of old gum and a satchel of lavender potpourri that spilled everywhere. It's musty. Really musty.
Oh and also, I can't use the side zip pocket because there's a wad of melted caramel all over the inside of it.

I use my bags to death. To a literal, quite ceremonial death. I won't buy a new purse until I have to throw my current one in the trash, wiping a tear in farewell. There was nothing we could do, the doctors would say.

For some reason, this sad but cost-worthy habit has been less desirable to me as of late.
I'd like a few clutches. Maybe a smaller purse, for grabbing on the go. A tote for overnighting. Another tote for the farmer's market. Cute luggage. I'd like little zip-up pouches to keep my random things like gum, knick-knacks and lip glosses, so I can just grab my wallet, pouches and phone to quickly transfer to another bag.
I wanna be a bag girl. 

This could be me, with my snooty fresh fruit and veggies.

The truth is, this blog post is purely fiction because
a.) I have no room to keep an absurd collection of bags
b.) this is the kind of thing I like to say I'll do but probably never will (like getting a tan or growing out my nails)
c.) I don't have any money

So. Wishful thinking aside, let's pretend this is real life.

I know those are pretty much the same, but I love green. I think I'm drawn to almost anything if it's green. Maybe that's why I actually like brusselsprouts. 

Man, it's so hard to resist a bright solid color like that. 

But then there are the irresistible patterns...

Now if you like that, look at this. 

Oh my. It has neon accents! And it's on sale. I may have just found my true Current Covet.

Patterns are good. Very good. I like those little shoulder satchels. They make me feel like I'm going to walk to a pastry shop. Wearing a hat. Blowing bubbles.

Other than green, I think stripes would be my "I must have you" trigger.

Okay, now put those hands together. And by "hands" I mean Green + Pattern.
Obviously the result is plaid.

The walking, pastry shop, hat and bubbles can be there too. Only add a field of flowers and a cup of tea once I arrive, because this bag is called "English Countryside".

I also mentioned "cute luggage".
One of my new friends here just found a local gem.
There is a woman located here in Lynchburg that hand-makes adorable bags. "Elle & Anne Handbags".
My friend Hollie had her make this bag for her weekend travels:

How cute is that!
It's the perfect tote for a weekend away. She travels a lot for work, so this is the perfect way for her to travel in style. And it's so cool that she is available locally! Hollie went over to her house, perused her collection of fabrics, and was able to pick exactly what she wanted. Such a great way to shop!

What is your favorite style of handbag?
(Oh and by the way, I've changed from saying "purse" to "handbag". I'm just going through a whole host of changes here!)

I can't really decide. My best friend asked me what kind of purse I'd be looking for, and I seriously had no answers. "Cute? Colorful? Solid? Um..shaped like something?"

What's even in style these days?

I'm gonna keep dreaming and I'll eventually find "my bag", the style I'm searching for.
Or, I'll just keep using this musty one.
We've been together a long time. It's comforting. Although I daren't open that pocket again, in case the caramel has...festered...

Until next time :)

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