Monday, October 8, 2012

Frocktober: Week 1!

My Frocktober challenge has been moving steadily forward, and has actually been a lot of fun.

For those of you that missed it, I decided that I would undergo a fashion challenge of wearing a dress every day of October, to try and challenge myself to perfect the remixing of my wardrobe.
I want to be able to use my standard pieces creatively and to their full potential.

This week, I wanted to use some tips I have gathered from Ruche, via their lookbooks and blog posts.
Possibly my favorite tip is to use a dress as a blouse!
Is your favorite dress too short for work? Tuck it into a longer skirt, and still enjoy that great print, bright color or exquisite detail that you love so much.
I tried this trick with one of my bright Ruche dresses.

I love having a whole new avenue of options in my wardrobe now!

Frocktober: Week 1!

Day 1: Dress: Gifted (Zulily)
Sweater: Dillard's
Sandals: Target
Belt: Ruche
Jewelry: Fossil

This is probably my thriftiest outfit, and also features the most awkward pictures because I had no idea what I was doing!
But now that it's getting colder, I love the idea of layering pieces this way. 

Day 2: Dress (worn as skirt): Bought in Ireland
Top: Gifted
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: via Groupon
Booties: Baker's
Headband: J. Crew

I looove the lacy detail on the bottom hem of this dress.
This was one of my favorite outfits, because it was so comfortable, and very different from anything I've tried before. 

This was "Starbucks Day"! On Tuesdays we make it a priority to go and get a frothy seasonal drink to help us get through the week.

Day 3: Dress (worn as blouse): Ruche
Skirt: Gifted
Heels: Kohl's
Headband: Target

This week happened to be my birthday week, so I received several goodies in the mail from my loved ones!

Day 4: Dress: Ruche (shop it here and here, in blue/green!)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: Vintage

This was one of the little packages that had been waiting at my door!
An expert with the batting-of-the-birthday-eyelashes, I implored my sweet husband to allow me to buy this on-sale dress from Ruche, for only $16.50! I couldn't resist.
The amazing watercolor flower pattern is so unique, and I just love the scalloped bottom hem and the navy peter pan collar.
I'm definitely going to have to expand my tights collection this Fall!

Day 5: Dress: Ruche (shop it here!)
Jacket: Lux (boutique in Riverside, CA)
Shoes: Gifted (via Zulily)
Necklace: Cookie Lee
Earrings: Noon (shop them here!)

My birthday outfit!
Despite the cloudy weather and the colder mornings, I wanted to still incorporate bright and fun colors and prints in my style!
This was the first dress from Ruche that my husband insisted I buy. He saw it and loved it, and it is definitely one of my favorites. I love the sweetheart neckline!
I had been wearing different earrings earlier, but switched to my new pair of Noon earrings from my husband once he gave them to me after work!

Day 6: Dress: Gifted
Cardigan: Ruche
Earrings: Noon
Shoes: Gifted

Saturday was a lazy day.
I had my very first book club meeting, and was nervous and excited to go!
It was being held in my favorite little bookstore/coffee shop downtown.
I wanted to wear something comfortable, but still fun, maybe with a touch of whimsy.
What better to fit the bill than my Unicorn Cardigan?

We met at White Hart, and it was so much fun. I love to read and have always wanted to be in a book club! I love the idea of having accountability with what I read, and having a group to talk with about my favorite parts and why I loved reading it. 
White Hart is the most adorable place. It's earthy and fun, with books, umbrellas, bunting, shelves of merchandise from local artisans, and great coffee and delicious food. 

My favorite feature are the front display windows, most likely originally used for product displays.
White Hart has transformed these little corners into cozy reading spots, their own mini living rooms. I love it!

I also found a display of Sarah Veak Pottery, like the mug I received for my birthday from my boss!

Day 7: Dress: Gifted (via Zulily)
Top: Loft
Jacket: Gifted
Scarf: via Zulily
Booties: Baker's
Earrings: Ashla Designs
Watch: Fossil
Phone Cover: Gifted (Tory Burch, shop here!)

Yesterday, we made a late afternoon Starbucks run, and it couldn't have been a more perfect time!
It was overcast and rainy, and way colder than we anticipated.
It was a messy-bun kind of day.

This is my, "Whheewww it's freezing!"

Love my new nail polish. "Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs." by OPI.

I have really enjoyed this Frocktober challenge.
My husband has been sweet and encouraging, and it has been kind of fun to have a daily photography project for us to do together!

I will definitely be keeping with it.
Oddly enough, this challenge has also helped me to be more motivated to eat better and start having a regular fitness routine.
Probably has something to do with being in front of the camera so often! :)

Thanks to Ruche for the constant inspiration, and stay tuned for week 2, next Monday!

In love,

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