Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the beginning of a beautiful friendship

What a beautiful day. Here I am, at my new resident Starbucks. I am now on a diet, so I only ordered a grande instead of venti today. I find myself very proud. :)
Lynchburg and I are on a first-name basis now, although it may be some time before we're besties. Regardless, I am beginning to see the budding blossoms of a beautiful friendship. Particularly now, when it's cloudy and sweet, as rain droplets trickle off of my favorite green and white umbrellas.
I have now, in this wi-fi zone, applied to five more jobs on Liberty's campus. Let's hope these applications are fruitful.

Day 1 of Lynchburg life went splendidly! We got the keys to our place, and began to move in. It's a two-story townhouse apartment, and in short, it's our little fun house. The entire building slants, laughing at you as you practically tumble across the floor. When you open the front door, you fall right in! We've had fun laughing about our diagonal fridge, our slanted staircase, and our crooked kitchen. All in all, it's ours, and we're in love.

The thrifty shopping has been a great success. I cannot wait to show you the things we bought. Our first day, our stop numero uno was Good Will. Immediately, we saw it. THE COUCH. The one we will nap on, pig out on, watch movies on, play games on, entertain guests on...the list goes on, and on. It's big, ugly, purple, and OH so comfy. It has been steam cleaned, and we shall most likely continue to clean it every day until we're convinced it's ours, with no trace of its previous owners. However, since I am speaking of day 1, there will be no picture yet, seeing as my dad and husband are actually picking it up as we speak. We had them hold it for two days, while we shopped around for other options. But if anyone asks, I will say, we knew it right then -- love at first sight!

Also at Good Will, we picked up these other treasures.

This chabby chic mirror for 5 bucks! One of my favorite things.

Two little tables, for 6.50 each, that we are going to completely fabulify. We also got an old vanity seat frame (or at least that's what we're going to call it and use it for!) for 5 dollars, which we will be making/purchasing a cushion for, a square dining room table (totally diner style!) which is great, sturdy, and surely will delight in holding our delicious things, for 20 dollars! And, last but not least, two most-likely-incomplete board games based on our favorite show, Friends. What a great stop. :)

We then hopped over to Big Lots, where we purchased the PERFECT room divider, a 5 shelf bookcase that will serve as a sectional to our living room and dining area. It was on clearance for 75.

We then grabbed two smaller 3 shelf bookcases, in the "black forest" color. These will be perfect for displaying dishes in the dining room, and for Dusty's school books and binders upstairs with his desk. 20 dollars each!

What a great day. There were even some things we liked, but did NOT get...

We ended our successful Day 1 by travelling to Alta Vista, to fellowship with some friends of ours from when I was young. The O'Callaghans lived in my hometown many years ago, and their son played soccer with my brother. Their daughter was also named Caitlin, and we used to play together, despite her being two years older. My mom and I visited them four years ago when I was planning on attending Liberty for my undergrad. It was wonderful to once again see their beautiful property, but in August, not February! We were able to relax, and enjoyed a wonderful meal and great conversation in their beautiful country home. They have a field full of goats, and will be having more goat babies this year! We are still in the middle of our discussions to take one as a pet in our apartment... :)


We have been hard at work, and even now, I must return to paint up some tables and rejoin the decorating process!

P.S. I made the first meal in our kitchen today, a delicious sandwich with pesto and pepperjack cheese. I used our toaster oven for the first time ever, and I was extremely excited for such a simple task!

Talk to you soon.

In love,


  1. All of your furniture looks wonderful!! i cannot wait to come visit the fun house AKA apartment 813!!! What a great number!!! All the pictures are awesome!

  2. Love the update! So glad you are having fun moving in!!! Can't wait to come visit you! Love you!!

  3. I love this, Caitlin. The purchases are awesome!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. this is wonderful! thank you for all the pictures, and I totally agree that the thrifty shopping was a graet success!! what great items you purchased! as always you have great taste! thank you again for letting us all be apart of your new move :) lots O love :)

  5. Your house is so cute! And your kitchen looks like a pretty good size! I love the pictures of the outside of your friend's house. That countryside looks beautiful!!