Wednesday, August 10, 2011

details, details, details.

This post is by request.

A few details :)

Say hello, hola, to our couch. The adorable cushions are from Crate & Barrel, purchased on sale with a gift card from our wedding. They are dear to my heart. (and I think God knew we'd end up with a purple couch for three years.)

We were also blessed by our dining set. My idea is to have mismatched chairs, because I love the idea of our entire little home being mismatched, and chabby chic, and fully quirky. Because honestly, Monica from "Friends" and her kitchen/dining room decor is my absolute favorite example for this!


So we have yet to find the last two chairs, but these two chairs were a great find, vintage and recently redone. They're in great shape, and have such fun detail to them. I believe they were around 25 or so. 

We were able to have our first home-cooked meal, just the two of us, a couple nights ago. We made one of my mother-in-law's recipes :) it was delicious, and made enough to last for several meals for us! We ate at our dining room table :)

In love,



  1. I looooove those pillows! They look perfect on that couch! I'm so excited to watch your little place get cuter and cuter!! Have fun and do what you want- its YOUR home! :)

  2. Thanks for the details! Your pictures are great, made me want enchiladas...:)