Sunday, August 7, 2011

I shall surely drown my sorrows.

I have had three Starbucks today.
This is certainly proof that I have hit some kind of all-time low.
My mom and grandma left early this morning, with many tears of fairwell. However, my dad's flight was cancelled, so he was able to stay with us an extra day! He was supposed to leave last night, but left this afternoon. It was easier, to spread out the goodbyes.

I want to share with you the absolute blast we had this week. My mom and I brought so much life to the apartment, and we had so much fun with all of the projects we decided to take on! The men nodded and smiled, and helped us create and manage the heavy things :)
We continued to bargain shop the rest of this week, and I have applied to seven different jobs. Nothing back yet, but still praying.

Thursday, we decided to pop over to Washington D.C., which was really fun. It's about a 7 hour roundtrip, so it made for a long day! But we were able to get a personal tour of the Pentagon from Dusty's long-time friend Rob, who's stationed there. We spent a little time at the mall across the street from the Pentagon, and did a quick drive by of all of the key points of D.C.! (A quick preview for Dusty, whose never been!)

The rest is all fun, food, and fabulosity.

Check out this little (actually he was huge) guy. We met him when we returned to an antique shop that mom spotted on our way to D.C. We drove 45 minutes back to it the next day, because we just had to! We found some really fun stuff, not least of which was this praying mantis man. I have a stuffed animal praying mantis my dad used to tell me stories with when I was little. I had a whole host of stuffed characters, and he was always my favorite. I finally got to see one in real life!
These windows were one of the best treasures we found that day. Ten bucks a piece! Totally worth the trip! They were harvested off of an old house down the road from the antique shop in Covesville. Little pieces of history. Wonder who lived in that house, who looked out these windows at the beautiful green countryside?

Now get ready to behold the new fixtures in our home, with all the hard work we put into them! We had so much fun, and even in the humidity and many cloudy and rainy days, we were able to laugh and be excited about the warmth our little place was beginning to hold.

Here are some more of my favorite details of our home, that we've been creating since we moved in on August 1st.

And last but not least:

Does anyone else remember that old children's show, "The Big Comfy Couch"? Their couch was green and floral, yet...the theme song has been stuck in my head ever since we bought this.

The upstairs is in a state of disarray, but our bedroom will be the next fun project. We have the furniture, but are working on the organization, cleaning, and final decor. Our second bedroom (yet to be named -- so far, it's functional titles are guest room, study, office, and craft room) is almost done.
Starbucks is now closed, and we are very much looking forward to having our own internet this Tuesday! Tonight will be the beginning of a long and wonderful three years of togetherness for Dusty and I, wherein we will be changed and strengthened and blessed by all that we encounter.
During one of my bouts of tears and sadness this afternoon, I simply said, "Well, this is the price of going on an adventure."
I love my home in Arizona, and I love my family. But this is our chance to have a magical adventure...

In love,


  1. Aw Cait, this one choked me up. I love love your new home and look forward to visiting it! Let us know when you get your internet and we'll skype. Love you.

  2. All hearts and love! So excited for you guys and this adventure. Truly God will bless you guys as you grow together as one! Miss you guys and love all the fun stuff!!

  3. I love all of your treasures caitlin! Everything looks so good! that mirror and cross and picture frame display on the wall looks so good! I love your kitchen table too! That side table is awesome!! I can't wait to see it someday in real life! And i am so glad you got your card :-) Love yoU!

  4. I loved reading this! You are a great communicator, I am glad you have not suffered too much growing up "on a need to know basis"!! Your pictures are beautiful. . . Susan would like close ups of your sofa and pillows. Lol. I also want to see that TV stand. Love you!

  5. i loved reading this, as I have loved reading the others! your house looks amazing...really it does, how beautiful! and I am so glad you have those memories with your mom now :)
    what was your stuffed animal mantis name? i cannot remember and its been bugging me lol! I loved it when your dad would tell us Stories with him before bed when I would sleep over :)
    and I can totally see the cute clown sitting indian style in the middle of your big comfy couch! I can see why that has been stuck in your the way, I love your chouch! how very unoriginal and unique!!! unoriginal is the best!! the mirror display is great! i love it! do you know what I thought of as soon as I saw that plate? those paintings in Newyork at our hotel when we all got into trouble for exploring...haha! i fell for those pictures...they were so beautiful!
    cant wait for your next post, I am becoming a "once upon a wife Life" adict! love you!