Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes

I hope the inspiration will hit you this year to revolutionize your home.
Having been (I say been, in the hopes that it is now in the past) an enormous pack rat my entire life, I find incredible freedom in taking used furniture and fabulifying it for a new and fresh purpose. Out with the "old", in with the "new". The new things don't have to be brand new -- but they can be new to you! Don't be afraid to get rid of things you've had for a long time. It's okay to replace and change. Every time you get something new, get rid of something old. Live fresh!

***movie quote break: they should call us the febreze couple, cause it's feeling so fresh right now. (the other guys).

I think it's important to refresh yourself with new details of living. Whether you entitle yourself as "creative" or not, there are so many ways to brighten or lighten or delighten your home with very little expense.
Exhibit A: old, used and abused coffee table. price: $22.00 at a consignment/thrift store. Take a look at the transformation, from stained and ugly top, to chic black top TV stand.

Exhibit B and C: remember the endtables I showed you in my earlier post? Here's a full recap of the process.

P.S. Speaking of this corner table with our lovely house plants, I owe a big thank you to the previous inhabitant of this apartment, for leaving this incredible pot behind our bushes! Thank you, whoever you are!


  1. I LOVE using things from thrift stores! I have been inspired this year to do so by watching the Nate show lol! :) I have had so many creative ideas from watching that show, and I finally have a home I can use those ideas in! and it is very freeing, and you find a sence of identity, confidence, and peace when you decorate your home to show off who your family is, and to make it happy, warm and welcoming :) I told my mom that the best thing about my house decor, is that everything you see has a memory behind it. its either a gift someone gave to us, or something we picked out together, or something we made together...and I love that! You have made your home so beautiful in such a short time Cait, and it is so great! keep up the good work! you are enjoying one of the gifts God gave to us women, creativity in homemaking :) it is also one of our duties :) But thriving in our Duties as a child of God, and as a wife brings about such joy and freedom :) and you are doing so wonderfully! lots of love!! xoxoxoxo

  2. haha! love it! so fun! im definitely growing in my "its ok if it's not new" ways. its been fun learning to be creative and inventive!

  3. This is Paul/Dad--nice job,Caitlin, on decorating on a budget as well as describing it in such a fun way! Yur terriff!!!

  4. I am hoping to bring the energy and creativity home with me! I can't believe all we got done in five days! Loved looking back and remembering...