Friday, June 1, 2012


I like a lot of TV shows.

Every week, it's guaranteed that Dusty and I will be plopped down with some sweet or salty snack in front of either our fab TV or our laptop, which we can now safely sit in front of us on our new (old) coffee table!

Life is good.

So, TV shows. I love movies too, we both do. Our movie collection is known for being extensive, and great for borrowing must-have movies for the weekend. We have debated whether or not to start charging, but we decided that since these people are willingly our friends, we'll allow them to partake in our stash.

Back to TV shows.
I watch a lot of the thrillers, the horror-style shows, like Hoarders and River Monsters. Those will keep me up late at night with a flash light for sure.

But then there are the dramas. I loved LOST, and am currently addicted to Revenge, which I may be ready to declare the most explosive, creative, intensely GREAT show that I've ever seen. (Since LOST was only great for 2-ish seasons, it takes a back seat.)

THEN there are the comedies. The laughies. The funnies! We couldn't live without these. Our classic is Friends, which is my go-to for happy background noise, especially when I'm home alone and wanna feel like people are rooting for me as I clean the house.

How I Met Your Mother and New Girl have quickly wiggled their way into our hearts as well. There are many more, but today, I wanna talk about Best Friends Forever.

Because tonight, they are airing their last two episodes. They were signed on for 6 episodes this season, and the network ("Boo!" NBC) took them off the air after only 4 of them. I honestly woke Dusty up with tears in my eyes when I saw all the posts about it.
The truth is, this show needs to be seen, needs to be appreciated. It's genuine, funny, touching, and so spot-on with how the female "BFF" relationship functions.
There's not catty or vicious banter, either. So often, comedy can hinge on the obscene or the hateful to get a laugh. But this show is alllll about the love.
It's all about fanciness. And you know how I love the fancy. "Oh you fancy, huh?" (Watch the show to understand that quote.)
It is also pretty spot-on with how the BFF-BF-BFF triangle works. The man stuck between his girlfriend and her best friend. And I love it. Some of the things they cover, I've actually experienced, almost word-for-word, moment-by-moment.
The moral of the story is, they made a fan video, and I'm in a part of it, because what can I say?
I'm a fan.

Tune in tonight at 8pm, for a FULL HOUR of back-to-back BFF goodness.
And if you haven't already, WATCH the first 4 episodes online!!

We're headed to Charlotte tonight, to have a weekend of fun, food, and shopping with some friends. :)
I'll hopefully have some fun pictures and stories from our shenanigans!

Love you all.
(but only if you) WATCH BFF.

In love,

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