Friday, June 15, 2012

Mahna Mahna


Well, it's not time but it's THE day.

Do doo, be-do-do...mahna do-do do!

This is my theme song for today as I go about my business.
And by business, I mean sitting and drinking coffee while my eyes go blurry at a computer screen.

We both were up quite late last night, but I think everyone will be redonkulously impressed with how talented I am at packing.
(Granted, it's summer, so all my clothes are now dresses and shorts rather than pants and sweaters...)
But I'm chalking it up to talent. Pure talent.

Just in case you guys don't know how I pack, it's a very serious activity. It takes me several hours, and I try on many outfits and match jewelry and sometimes just sit down and stare blankly in the mirror until I decide to start packing again.
I'm very easily distracted.
When I find an outfit I really like, I run down the stairs to get Dusty's approval. Even if the outfit is a pair of jean shorts and a frilly top, I always expect this reaction:

He has it down pat.
Doesn't even really need to say anything, being speechless is always good. Or saying "fine" like Richard Gere, when Julia Roberts tries on the wedding dress in Runaway Bride. Classic.

Moving on to a more pressing matter. If you don't already know this about me, then...well, it may be a deal breaker for us. I guess we'll see.
I'm a cat lover.
Yeah, I'm one of those. More than that, I'm an animal lover. But it really comes down to cats, for me. I love them, and they love me, and it's been that way ever since I had that big fat weird and loyal calico cat when I was little. I still miss that silly little (big) feline.

I've said it before, I'll say it again.
Kittens are the closest things we can have to Pokemon.

Remember when I said I was 5/8 nerd?
Still true.

The point is, I feel guilty and stressed leaving Luna at home alone. I always feel sad leaving her sitting in the window. She is a very cute watchgirl, though.
Except that's she's broken 3 1/2 panels off of our blinds.
Dedication to her post? Who knows.

We have some friends that are going to check in on her while we're gone, so that makes me feel better.
I think I'm just talking to myself now, more than anything.

Interesting facts for today:

--Thus far, I have still been unable to persuade our local Starbucks to ask "The Usual?" when I walk in.
Not that I've tried to actually persuade, because it's something I need them to figure out on their own. Otherwise it's cheating. I think they recognize me, but it's becoming a little disheartening.
--I went to the tanning salon two weeks ago, and went back yesterday and the same girl was there that I first checked in with two weeks ago. She remembered how much I spent, what bed I was in, and asked how my husband was.
Get with the program, Starbucks.
--I'm really beginning to pray that my dreams aren't prophetic. That would be horrible. Although it wouldn't be all bad...if they are prophetic, that means Dusty and I adopt a really adorable Asian child.
The down side is that we'd have to raise her in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.
--I am currently listening to the best mix of relaxing music ever invented.
The irony is that currently the girl is saying "I can't sleep" over and over and over.

Relax Yo'self 101:
1. Godless Brother In Love by Iron & Wine
2. Can't Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson
3. Turning Page by Sleeping At Last
4. Torch Song by Priscilla Ahn
5. Love Will Take You by Angus & Julia Stone
6. Heart's Content by Brandi Carlile
7. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Wedding Version by Iron & Wine
8. Sparks by Coldplay
9. Oh Dear by Brandi Carlile
10. Posion & Wine by The Civil Wars
11. You Belong to Me by Carla Bruni
12. U.F.O. by Coldplay
13. Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian
14. Sleep by Azure Ray
15. Over the Rainbow by Harry Nilsson

--When I'm bored, I make awesome mixes.

Okay. I can't vamp anymore.
It's so hard being in this quiet office and trying to keep my cool.
When all I wanna do is The Ross.
Dusty and I did this for about 7 straight minutes the other day.

It's too much!
We leave for the airport in 6 hours!!

Now I've gotta go make a list of all of the things we CANNOT FORGET.
Things like bridesmaid dresses and birthday presents and underwear.

Maybe I'll sneak Luna onto the plane, too.


In love,