Monday, June 11, 2012


Four days from now, it will be the day that we leave for Arizona.

For some reason, I've been having incredibly realistic yet absolutely horrible and irrational stress dreams.
Some of these dreams have included but are not limited to:

1. Plus One being shot on stage, one by one, as my best friend and I stand watching in the front row.
2. Trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse with the cast of LOST, and my grandma.
3. Getting to Arizona and sleeping for most of the trip, wasting time, being stranded, having no Mexican food, and getting sick.
4. Getting home and finding that my niece has a dangerous skin disease, which is slowly turning her into a lizard.

I don't necessarily believe that dreams really mean anything of giant consequence, unless the Lord sent these dreams to me for some specific reason....and in that case, so far all that has been accomplished is me waking up extremely upset.
Luckily for Dusty, I only had to wake him up once, for the Zombie dream.
I've obviously watched too many scary movies, because this dream was the Leonardo DiCaprio of dreams.

There was scary mood music, plot twists, betrayals, gruesome deaths and a large snake. Oh, and zombies.

I should confess that this is not the first zombie dream I've had. I had a string of them earlier this year, thanks to The Walking Dead.

I'm not sure why I started watching it, but I watched it alone, and even though I had it on mute 87% of the time, I still had nightmares pretty much every night.
Word to the wise, don't watch this show. None of you would like it.

In this week's dream, my little zombie-surviving group somehow decided that a house in the middle of a swamp would be a good hideout. My grandma was cooking for us all and seemed completely unbothered by the fact that we were fighting off zombies.
However, Jack and Sawyer kept fighting, and I kept running into zombies trying to get into the house.
It was just such a mess. You'd think people would try and get along, in survival-mode during the zombie apocalypse.
The slow-motion scenes didn't help. I'd go out onto the back porch, and turn around slowly cause I heard a noise. Nothing was there. Then I'd turn around a second later, and a zombie would be in my face.
Everyone knows zombies move slowly, and there's no way he could have snuck up on me in a sticky swamp.

I think this dream was a product of the coffee I had at dinner that night. I can't really do caffeine at night anymore, at least not a lot of it.
I realized this a few years ago. I was at home (at my parent's house), and couldn't go to sleep. I kept hearing noises and the dogs were barking. They suddenly stopped, and I thought (naturally) that they must have been killed by intruders.
I then built a pillow/blanket fort on top of me, and wedged myself between my bed and the wall.
Obviously, I was now safe from the dog-killing strangers that were breaking into the house.
They'd never find me now!

When I woke up the next morning, I realized that I had a serious problem. So I really only have myself to blame for that giant mug of coffee and my consequential zombie dream.

Every time I think about my "night terrors", I think of this episode of Gilmore Girls:

All of this to say, I am really, really excited to be going home to Arizona. Really.
Not even the worst of dreams could deter me!
I think I'm feeling stress and anxiety because it's been a long time since we've been home, and it's really strange feeling like our apartment here in Virginia is more home than Arizona is. I feel displaced. Like an odd outsider in my own past life.
Plus it's just stressful, knowing that we only have a short amount of time with everyone, and only so many things we can do while we're there. Egads.
And as I've said before, I feel like time shouldn't be passing in other places. I don't like missing out on things, and I wish we could be everywhere at once!
So this week is going to be a little hectic as we make sure everything is in place for us to make our journey home to the desert.
NO more caffeine at night, no more zombies, and lots more cleaning and packing. :)

I can't wait to take a bite out of Little Sombreros, Mi Amigo Ricardo's, Si Senor...and anywhere else that has real Mexicans making real Mexican food.

Pray that this week goes by fast!
(But that next week goes by veeerrryyy slowly). :)

In love,

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  1. :-) I am soooo happy that you and dusty get to go home in 4 days!! Did bryce share with you our little scheduling blunder? If so I am so sorry, I only just realized that we scheduled our trip home for the 20th-24th :-( I had no idea what we'd done until bryce told me. I guess it really is just the perfect time to visit home. And as for the zombie dreams... terrifying!