Thursday, June 14, 2012

what day is it?

Last night, I had a dream that I saw Conrad Grayson from Revenge at a restaurant.

I was with about 30 other people for a big dinner party, and I frantically began to ask someone to follow me over there so I could discreetly ask for a picture with him, and maybe get his autograph.
Before I knew it, the 30 people I was with revealed themselves to be enormous idiots, unable to even walk straight, let alone take a picture with my iPhone.
They were crowding Grayson, walking in front of the picture, taking pictures of themselves instead of us...the list goes on and on.
Grayson was getting extremely annoyed with me, and I was about to die from embarrassment and frustration.

Now, while this wasn't a zombie dream, it was probably the most stressful dream I've ever had.

Funnily enough, the one thought I kept thinking was: "If I don't get this picture, I'll never be able to show it to them!!"
"Them" meaning my husband, my brother and sister-in-law, and any other friends that watch the show.
I was seriously upset.
I did happen to send a quick blurry photo to my dad via text, and he was pretty excited for me. Even though in real life, he's never watched the show.

It's so strange how often I'm absolutely convinced that my dream is real, and wake up really upset that whatever I've gained in my dream didn't magically come with me.
At least my dream dad will believe me.

Just wanted you to see and hear what I'm like in the middle of a nightmare.
Just ask Dusty.

We actually had a stellar Wednesday. Is stellar my new word? I've been using it a lot. So yeah.
Greek salad, pork, creamy dark chocolate pie with raspberries, coffee and 3 games of Dominion with friends made for a really nice mid-week break.
It's the general opinion that the infamous "hump day" shall now be our designated game night. I'm game! Pun intended!
Our friends also enjoyed Dominion so much that they whipped out their laptop and bought the big box set right then and there. So things are gonna get wild and crazy with our Dominion sets!

Speaking of interesting days of the week, I've been waking up every day this week like, "AH I can't believe it's Friday!"
Then, "Oh wait. It's Tuesday. Dang."

But today I can say, "It's STILL not Friday!!!"

So happy Thursday, everyone.

In love,


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